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Choosing Your Security Company

How long has the company been in business?

Guard-O-Matic was established in 1970.

Is the company locally owned?

Guard-O-Matic is a locally owned and operated Arizona company unlike the large national companies that are constantly bombarding you with radio and print ads. Try calling a national company and ask to talk to one of the owners! At Guard-O-Matic, even the owners are accessible.

Is the company properly licensed?

Guard-O-Matic's Arizona contractors license numbers are: Residential 075504 (C12) and Commercial 076465 (L67). Check with the Registrar of Contractors for history of complaints. Their number is (602) 542-1525. Also, some municipalities require alarm company licensing. Check with you city or town. Arizona Registrar of Contractors.

Is the monitoring facility FM Approved and where is it located?

Our monitoring center is an FM Approved Central Station facility located in Tempe, AZ.

If I decide to purchase an alarm system, who will install it?

Most national companies use contract labor to perform the installation. These individuals may be working for one company today and another tomorrow. With Guard-O-Matic, everybody who walks through your door is an employee of Guard-O-Matic. They have been trained, drug tested, and background checked.

Are alarm user permits required by municipalities?

Most Arizona cities and towns require an alarm user permit. Guard-O-Matic will provide you with the form and help you fill it out. We will even mail it for you!

Who owns the alarm equipment?

With the standard Guard-O-Matic alarm package, you own the equipment. While shopping for an alarm system, ask who owns the equipment and get it in writing. Most mass marketing companies maintain ownership of the alarm system components.

Can any alarm company monitor my system after the term of my contract expires?

With Guard-O-Matic, the answer to this question is yes. Very often national companies use proprietary control panels manufactured with a special microchip so that they cannot be monitored by another facility. So if you want to change monitoring companies, you may have to purchase a new control panel and possible new keypads. If they say any company can monitor their equipment, get it in writing.

The builder of my new house offers a security system prewire. Should I spend the money?

Yes! By having your new home prewired you save time and money when you decide to have your system installed. BUT ask your builder what the prewire includes. How many keypad locations? How many motion detector locations? Are all acitve doors and windows wired and are they "home-runs" (the wires to each component go individually back to the control panel and not just a big wire loop around the area into which components are added) for easier servicing? Where are power and outside siren wires run to? Will the builder or alarm contractor provide you with a wiring diagram?

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