CCTV Gives You Complete Control

See It In Action

Remote monitoring of your home and alarm system for only $20 a month!

Your CCTV security system acts as a window to your home, accessible from any computer or web-enabled mobile phone. You are able to view your home in live, real-time video that also records should there be a need for instant playback both pre- and post-alarm event.

Guard-O-Matic's CCTV systems also allow you to remotely control devices inside your home along with notifying you of changes to sensors or energy use. Think of it as a remote control for your entire home.

With CCTV, You Can:

  • Monitor and change temperature of in-home wine cellars
  • Watch over pets left inside your home
  • Turn outside lights on or off
  • Check on babysitters or nannies while away
  • Receive alerts if kitchen doors are left ajar
  • Control temperature level inside home

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