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Commercial Closed Circuit TV (CCTV)

Closed-circuit television surveillance systems provide a heightened level of physical security, and play an important part in any comprehensive security system design. While an alarm system can provide notification of an intrusion or theft, cameras can provide the identifying information that is needed in rebuilding the events leading up to an incident, help provide the critical information that is needed to improve security, and assist in criminal prosecution if needed.

There are many elements involved in choosing the right camera for the job: field of view, focal length, scene width, range, ambient lighting and temperature, sensitivity, and other factors must be considered for a successful system. Other aspects such as historical video storage capabilities, remote video access, integration, and expandability for the future should also be addressed in a quality system design. Our experienced designers and technicians are dedicated to providing you with a system that is correctly engineered for your needs.

A significant number of new CCTV manufacturers have sprung up over the last several years, and many advertised equipment prices can be deceptively low. There can often be hidden costs in picture quality and reliability with some of these lower-end systems. Guard-O-Matic has partnered with some of the largest and most proven CCTV manufacturers in the industry, and we pride ourselves on repeatedly providing systems that deliver many years of quality service.

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