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Fire Detection Systems

A Monitored Fire Alarm System is an integral part of any home or business security solution. Not to be confused with standard battery operated smoke detectors, monitored systems provide dedicated power through your alarm panel and include a battery backup for protection during power outages.

Most system designs will include a combination of ionization or photoelectric smoke detectors (depending on the application) for living areas; heat detectors for kitchen areas, garages, and storage areas; local alarm sirens and visual notification for inhabitants that help to assist fire department personnel in identifying the alarm source. Carbon monoxide detection is another monitored service that we provide. In addition to the life safety aspects of a monitored fire alarm system, fire department personnel will be dispatched to the scene even when nobody is on site, potentially minimizing property damage that may occur.

  • Recent statistics indicate that one person in the United States dies from fire every 162 minutes, and someone is injured every 32 minutes (Karter 2007)
  • Four out of five fire deaths occur in homes.
  • Most victims of fires die from toxic fumes or smoke, rather than from burns.

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