Are you really getting what you want out of your home security system?

When you purchased a security system from one of those national companies that offered a free this, or free that, you probably didn't realize how much 'free' would end up costing you. With charges for changes in service, huge monthly monitoring charges, and expensive upgrades, it's no wonder that you're here to look at some other options.

Guard-O-Matic has been locally owned and operated for 30 years. Our flexible and personalized approach to security lets us to charge great rates while giving you the absolute best in customer service. And our local monitoring stations let us respond to an emergency much more quickly than those out-of-state companies.

Think making a switch is just too difficult? Think again.

We can help you to figure out the best solution for making the switch. From offering to monitor your home for the duration of your existing contract, to getting you out of your existing contract completely, we can help you to decide what's the best solution for you and your specific situation.

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