GSM/Cellular Backup Communications

A monitored security system depends on a telephone line to transmit signals successfully to the monitoring station. Telephone line operation can be compromised by carrier outages, periodic servicing of the lines, or by a thief disabling the line. While systems can be configured to sound a local buzzer or siren in the event of an outage, the monitoring station will be unaware of the alarm since the primary means of communication has been affected.

GSM-Cellular backup is an effective way to ensure that your alarm system will be able to transmit signals, even in the event of a phone line outage. The installation consists of a cellular device that is connected to the main alarm panel, and is capable of transmitting signals when the primary phone line is not available. Cellular backup is most often configured to transmit a trouble signal to the monitoring station when a telephone line outage has been detected, allowing for prompt decisions for service.

Cellular may also be used as a primary means of communication in cases where there is no public telephone service. Call a Guard-O-Matic customer service representative today at 480-831-8118 to find out more about our cellular services

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